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Sheer indulgence

At yum, we like nothing better than spending an afternoon baking some delicious treats to tempt family and friends. Our cakes and treats are guaranteed to be simply scrumptious. Why not try one of our home baked favourites today - visit one of customers or see us at the next local food event.

If your favourite is not listed, please let us know.
 Choose from:


No Fuss Birthday Cakes

  • Victoria Sponge with a simple iced top and decoration
  • Children's sweetie chocolate fudge traybake
  • Chocolate overload sponge cake

Tea Time Favourites

  • Lemon drizzle cake
  • Banana and walnut tea loaf
  • Honey, date and walnut loaf
  • Teabread
  • Sticky gingerbread
  • Victoria sponge cake
  • Coffee and Walnut Cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Banana cake
  • Chocolate fudge cake
  • Flapjacks
  • Fruit scones
  • Brownies

Speciality Cakes

  • Orange and Sultana teabread
  • Apple and spice tealoaf
  • Hazelnut, chocolate and pear cake
  • Rhubarb and orange cake
  • Rhubarb and custard cake
  • Raspberry bakewell cake
  • Blackberry and apple cake

Gluten Free Cakes

  • Chocolate nut brownies
  • Cinnamon and Almond Cake
  • Chocolate and Orange cake
  • Lemon Drizzle cake
  • Orange and Almond

Vegan Cakes

  • Orange or Lemon Frosted Loaf
  • Chocolate Cake

Small Cakes and Tray Bakes

  • Scrummy carrot cake
  • Sticky Gingerbread squares
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate caramel squares
  • Chocolate nut tiffin
  • Lemon squares
  • Cinnamon Berry granola bars
  • Sunshine bars


For our full menu, please call or email. Prices vary.

*Veggiequarium – fish eating vegetarians

T: 07796 171008
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